Custom Moldings In Maryland and Delaware

Custom Moldings

LuxHome is all about making your home feel like YOUR home. We get excited when customers want to add crown moldings or any other type of moldings to their house. Fresh moldings with a fresh paint job can totally transform your house. We also love installing wainscoting all throughout homes, up the steps, in the bathrooms, dining rooms, entry way, wherever you want it! Crawford ceilings in also a lovely touch when adding custom moldings to your home. We love seeing this added in not only a dining room, but kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. 

Custom Built Ins

Looking to really stand out and set your self apart from all of the builder grade  homes? Get in touch with us about designing your custom built in closet, desk, entertainment center, and shelving/cabinets. If you are living in your forever home, make it how you want it! LuxHome is happy to get the job done for you- Call us today to get your personalized estimate.